VistaMizer 4.3

It can transform your Windows XP into the look of Windows Vista
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Manuel Hoefs

If you are looking to have all the good look of Vista on your Windows XP, you already got it!!! with Vistamizer with this program besides being convenient, save resources and is complete in all the aspects, covering every point. With its multiple ads, as screen transparency, its proper aero interface (winflip), effects administration, sidebar, preview of open windows in taskbar, etc., makes it the best choice to take it into your software collection.

M. Hoefse has developed this program entirely friendly for the user avoiding any kind of complications in the installation or usage. As an example if you already installed the software and you update your system maybe some files that keep the Vista Theme could be affected, but due the anticipation of the developer their is an extra soft letting you update your system without compromise your Vistamizer.

It's so good that this soft let you include its roles in a Bootable ISO image allowing you to customize your own system from the installation itself, just imagine having XP compatibility with almost all with the designed beautiful look from the beginning.

The author has a complete FAQ of the soft, updating the website and updating the version repairing any imperfection, the only bad thing is that the author to reduce traffic only provides a link to download the soft as a torrent, by everything else all that you provide after using the software are thumbs up.

Jose Ruiloba
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  • Option to create a restore point
  • Option to create a bootdisk incluiding the vistamizer role
  • Excelent Management of Resources
  • Open Settings for Configurations


  • No all the options description are in english even you choose the language, during the installation
  • Couldnt avoid changes in case of updates, is needed to run the extra program
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